Taking notice of the hidden injury Awareness, better treatment of athletes’ mental health begins to take shape

Four-time Academic All-Big 10 honoree and defensive tackle Will Heininger’s biggest battle was not waged in the classroom or on the football field.

“I had emotional pain that was overwhelming; I would wake up, and from morning until I feel asleep — when I was able sleep — I had troubling thoughts that were utterly consuming,” said the 2011 Michigan honors graduate. “Not a minute would go by in a day, without my depression on my mind … this, this felt impossible.”


How to Improve your Gut Health

For all who suffer with mental illness or addiction, be aware that it is likely caused by a disease called GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).  Learn everything you can about GAPS.  It may save your life…and living a gluten free, dairy free diet may cure your depression, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, or more. Even autism.  Click the link to the left below to read about health gut.  I’ll be posting many more articles on this topic.  Email me if you know about it and have something you want me to share on this blog.


Risk of Adult Anxiety Seen in Children’s Stomachaches

As this article points out the link between abdominal pain in children leads to anxiety and depression as adults, I can’t help but think about GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).  This is my new cause.  To spread the word about GAPS, which many believe is the cause of a significant percentage of autism, ADD, ADHD, Depression and Schizophrenia, as well as addiction.  Stop the “slaughter” of our children by gluten, dairy and processed foods.. .. worth reading.  Look for a lot more about this from me in the future.

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ADHD Treatments for Children

All children can be inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive sometimes. But for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), these behaviors are more severe and occur more often, making it difficult for them to excel in school and follow directions at home. Learn more about ADHD treatments, including parenting strategies, medication and therapy types… 


When Therapy for Depression Isn’t Helping You When and How to Find a New Therapist – See more at:

Many of us have gone through this, either yourselves or with a loved one.  This is an insightful article about knowing when and how to change a therapist when you suffer from depression, though it really applies to anything.