Taking notice of the hidden injury Awareness, better treatment of athletes’ mental health begins to take shape

Four-time Academic All-Big 10 honoree and defensive tackle Will Heininger’s biggest battle was not waged in the classroom or on the football field.

“I had emotional pain that was overwhelming; I would wake up, and from morning until I feel asleep — when I was able sleep — I had troubling thoughts that were utterly consuming,” said the 2011 Michigan honors graduate. “Not a minute would go by in a day, without my depression on my mind … this, this felt impossible.”


How to help a depressed friend.

1 in 4 of you will suffer from clinical depression at some point in your life. Many deal with it on a day by day basis, struggling to get up, get going, clean up, face life, face the world.  It’s not fun. I know.  Fortunately, my depression, though clinical is a result of Anxiety, which I am learning to manage.  Before I understand this, it was sometimes a challenge.  My sister said I was bi-polar.  Not!  I knew I had depression, but I didn’t know why and I knew that sometimes when I came out of it I was so happy and relieved that I did show signs of being on a manic high–shopping excessively, etc.  But it’s about Anxiety, a disorder I have suffered with since I was a child but didn’t understand it.  Now I do.  I feel it coming on and do whatever it takes to get away from it—call a friend, hang up on a phone call that is stressing me, I listen to EMDR tapes (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), I eat ice cream, I go for a walk, I borrow my daughter’s dog named Bear.  Whatever it takes!  I avoid stress that induces anxious feelings the same way a diabetic avoids sugar.

That said, many do not know they have clinical depression or understand.  It’s not easy to get out of it either.  If you or a loved one suffer–REACH OUT…go to a 12-step program like Emotions Anonymous or DDA (Dual Diagnosis Anonymous) to share and learn about it.  Or go to a therapist.  EA and DDA are “dollar therapy”.  They can help you find a therapist or give you someone to talk to that understands.

Whatever you do… do something… which is sometimes the hardest thing for someone to do who if suffering with clinical depression.



Risk of Adult Anxiety Seen in Children’s Stomachaches

As this article points out the link between abdominal pain in children leads to anxiety and depression as adults, I can’t help but think about GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).  This is my new cause.  To spread the word about GAPS, which many believe is the cause of a significant percentage of autism, ADD, ADHD, Depression and Schizophrenia, as well as addiction.  Stop the “slaughter” of our children by gluten, dairy and processed foods.. .. worth reading.  Look for a lot more about this from me in the future.

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First Person: Glenn Close Battles ‘Fear and Shame’ of Mental Illness

Most of us know someone who suffers with mental illness.  In my case, it is both my son and me.  I have anxiety and depression.  He has a yet to be diagnosed disorder that looks like bi-polar, schizoeffective, anxiety, depression or whatever mood disorder that I now believe may be caused by GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).  Whatever it is, we live with the stigma and it is not fun.  Interesting that addiction is now “socially acceptable” by most, primarily because so many celebrities are talking about it.  Glenn Close is a celebrity who is talking about mental illness.  Her sister is bi-polar.  We need more celebrities talking about mental illness–those who have it.  Unfortunately, our society places a premium on a celebrities’ endorsement.  That being so, come out celebrities:  Catherine Zeta Jones, Ted Turner, and so on.  Talk about it!  We need to change perception in the battle of Fear and Shame for those suffering with mental illness.