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My youngest daughter is on her way…to a wonderful life of love and courage and tenacity. This is her blog about her upcoming 2 years in service of good with the Peace Corps in Peru.

Côte a Costa

My name is Abby Lee and I have recently started Pre-Service Training for the Peace Corps as a Youth Development Volunteer. I have been living in Perú for 21 days in a small town called Huascaran, near the capital city of Lima. This extraordinarily diverse country is divided into three main geographical elements: la Costa, la Sierra, and la Selva. Currently I am living in the coast, but I am definitely getting the itch to explore the mountains and the jungle, and see firsthand the varied topography of this country. There are two official languages in Perú, Spanish and Quechua, which is just one example of the cultural amalgamation of the European hegemony and the Incan Civilization. The current government is the Republic of Perú, a presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system that was founded the same year I was born – 1993.

IMG_2615.jpg La Plaza…

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