That Fateful Day That Would Change His Life Forever!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one…


Blame Bob Kane.

It’s the cornerstone of the Batman mythos–young Bruce Wayne witnesses his parent’s death at the hands of a criminal and that one events shapes his entire life.  It’s an event that virtually every retelling of the Batman story has to include, with varying degrees of success.  (Interestingly enough, both Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan found it necessary to tie the original killing into the main storyline of their films.)

Perhaps the most insightful story written on the thesis is Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, which posits a similar origin for the enigmatic Joker, and asks some disturbing questions  about how we choose to respond to life changing events.

I know that I am blaspheming against one of the most revered canons of American popular culture when I say this, but the Batman origin story is sloppy, lazy writing.

Bob Kane and the rest of the writing…

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